The Missing Guide to Ulysses — a.k.a. how to survive the mermaids

This is The Missing Guide to Ulysses, an unofficial how-to for the Ulysses cluster @ SISSA, from a regular user to other regular users.

Official cluster documentation:

This guide is an open project, and contributions are highly welcome: you can report corrections or collaborate at

Latest update: Jul 03, 2021.

Why This Guide

A survival guide to Ulysses is long due, so I’ve just decided to write one based on my experience as a user in these years.

I still remember my first time on a cluster, on this cluster; no one ever explained me how to submit a job, why one should use a submission script, etc., so I spent the nights of an entire week trying to figure out all the bits and pieces to make some code work on the cluster (the fact that this code was highly complex and its usage had’t been explained as well certainly contributed a lot).

I’m sure other people face the same situation I faced a few years ago when I first approached Ulysses; the best I can do is to offer back what I think I’ve learned.

This guide assumes that you know some basics of how a computer works (CPU, RAM, and that sort of stuff) and some Bash scripting.


This guide is a personal project and it’s not officially affiliated in any way to SISSA. As such, is provided as-is and without any guarantees.